Here are my thoughts on IT workplace and business after corona virus.

  • Remote workplace will be a new norm, days when you have to wake up, get into crowded train and rush to from one location to another just to sit behind the screen all day will be over. Businesses finally realises no difference if work done onsite or offsite. Technology to support this transition was available for a long time. Azure 775% demand growth, teleconferencing and collaboration software will see huge demand, we already saw Zoom share price jumping despite whole market is in free fall.
  • Implications for permanent jobs, realisation that there is nothing permanent in this world. Shift to part-time, on-demand, online job markets, teams, group of professionals for hire. There are number of countries where 70% of IT workforce already operates remotely and project by project basis.
  • CBD locations becomes just another suburb, as many businesses see no need in renting a permanent office. While shared offices, meeting rooms that can be booked on day by day basis will rocket in demand. Geographical location of blue collar workers becomes wider as proximity to CBD is no longer required.
  • Shared economy will come to Airline industry, where tickets will be sold on-demand basis, only if enough people booked certain date then plain is provided.

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