If you are with large consultancy, you now know they are not interested in small support tasks, or charge exorbitant amounts locking you into long term support contracts. I offer no contract, on demand, real time Dynamics support. I’m Sydney based and can maintain your system either being on site or remotely.


Power platform is the latest trend in no-code/low code approach. It can automate business processes, create mobile apps, external portals and visually appealing reports. Leveraging Power Apps, Power BI and Flow, managing data in SharePoint, Azure, Service Bus, SQL Server and more. Demos, presentations, initial meetings are free.


If you are still on premise and exploring Dynamics 365 online version, I can help move your data online in no time. I have done many migrations of various CRM systems to 365. Average database size takes us about a month to migrate. Cost of migration will be approximately half of what major consultancies charge.


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